Hello, and welcome to This website is basically just intended to be my home base! You can find out stuff about me, or browse my portfolio, or see some of the shiny resources that I like. This is basically my boring little hub of the internet. Hi!

I'm Kate, the webmaster. Webmistress just sounds awkward and raises all sorts of issues, as someone before me said better, webmaster implies I am a master at something. I could go with Web Blackbelt, but I've always been way, way more in the pirate camp, and Captain Web just... doesn't have anywhere near the same ring to it. Maybe if it was clear that my website was some kind of awesome pirate ship, but clearly, it is not. Maybe I should start fixing myself some sails... hm. ;)

In a nutshell, I like the Internet, I am a pirate, and I enjoy shiny things. If you absolutely must know more, there's an entire page about me that you can go gawk at. It even has a public Twitter feed. There are links to my resume and portfolio over that way, too, which you might be interested in. :3

Thanks for taking the time to investigate my tiny corner of the internets! I do try to offer up a few resources for your browsing, some of which you may enjoy. Beyond that, though, this is just a little personal website. Sorry if you had your hopes way up! ;)