I maintain a small number of websites with various purposes behind them. Feel free to click around!

  • Tears, Bones & Desire — Play by post roleplaying resources I've assembled over the years. :) There are character sheets, lineart, advertising forums, and a topsites listing for roleplayers.
  • Kaena Lykoi — This is my primary roleplaying character's website. I've been playing her since around 2001 or 2002, and she is very old. Although I keep character profile sites for all of my characters, only Kaena's is really extensive and in-depth enough to be considered a site all on its own.
  • Sleepy Glow Studio — My webdesign portfolio!
  • Gehenna — This is a really long-term type project that is in serious need of a redesign (it hasn't been touched since... 2008?!) and a re-settling of the information again. :( It's more of a literary/art project than a webdesign thing, though.
  • You're looking at it!

Administrative Involvement

Beyond that, I am also involved in staffing other sites in a few occasions or maintaining communities—you'll find my involvement for those places here!

  • 'Souls RPG — I've served as a moderator over this way since February of 2009, and prior to that, I was a game administrator from the founding in 2001 up until late 2007. I have also been involved with the leadership of Inferni, one of the membership groups. As part of my duties there, I maintain the website for the group.
  • RPGfix — I help out over here, approving games and playing with suggestions and stuff. ^^;
  • food_horrors @ Livejournal — I maintain a very small, very slow Livejournal community about bad food. :P

Other Involvement

I also maintain accounts at other websites, too! I have no free time and no life, apparently. ;)