1. Firefox itself should require no explanation, but perhaps you are less familiar with zir buddies: Adblock Plus, MeasureIt, ColorZilla, FireFTP, Gmail Notifier, NoScript, and Lazarus, hmmm?
  2. Notepad++, which I have no idea how I lived without. Seriously, if you're still using Notepad out of some begrudged traditionalism, you need to look at Notepad++.
  3. GIMPshop & GIMP are photo-editing programs, the former modded to look and act like Adobe Photoshop.
  4. OpenOffice is the open source alternative to Microsoft Office.
  5. Avast! Antivirus is a free, far-less-intrusive-than-Symantec-products anti-virus program.
  6. Miranda IM is an open source, multi-client Instant Message program that is simply awesome.


  1. Lissa Explains was my favorite site when I was just starting out learning—it presents material in a very simple and easy to understand way.


  1. Image to Color Palette Generator is an easy way to grab color schemes from your images.
  2. Color Blender
  3. Color Scheme Designer
  4. Kuler

Fonts & Typography

  1. is a good place to find many free and nearly free fonts.
  2. Web Safe Fonts @ Speaking in Styles is an awesome list of web safe fonts, alternatives, and how they look.

Image Resources

  1. stock.xchng is an awesome stock image site with moderated content.
  2. Burning Well is another stock image site with public domain images.
  3. Morguefile is still another stock image site with numerous images.

That Pesky Real Life Thing

  1. GetHuman allows you to bypass some of the more annoying automated answering processes companies have deployed to insure consumers are unable to access services. :P
  2. is pretty damn awesome.
  3. poor_skills @ Livejournal is an awesome, multi-faceted community with various answers to the working stiff's problems and issues.